Friday, June 16, 2017


Joseph Arthur & Rosanna Arquette in 'Hell's Kitchen'

'Hell's Kitchen' was the first feature film to use Joseph Arthur songs in its soundtrack. The film premiered in September 1998 at the Toronto International Film Festival.

With a tagline of "The road to redemption is covered in blood" it portrays a gritty tale involving crime, drugs, boxing, broken relationships and revenge set in the Hell's Kitchen neighbourhood of New York City.  The cast stars Angelina Jolie, Mekhi Phifer, Johnny Whitworth, Rosanna Arquette and William Forsythe. Joseph even makes it to the big screen briefly in a cameo role as a musician. The filming took place around March/April 1997.

The majority of the soundtrack is drawn from nine songs and demos by Joseph. In order of first appearance these are: Big City Secret, Lost Gypsy Weapon, Invisible Hands, Cinderella Under Glass, Crying Like A Man, Eyes On My Back, Porcupine, Good About Me, Pictures Of (A) Life. The opening bars of "Big City Secret" are heard at the start and serve as a repeated mini-theme tune. The main scene featuring Joseph is early on in the film in a bar where he plays the guitar accompanying Rosanna Arquette singing an impassioned rendition of "Invisible Hands". The soundtrack, including four tracks by Mekhi Phifer, underscores the unfolding drama and the final scene and closing credits roll to "Pictures Of Life". The full soundtrack is listed on IMDb.

Overall six of the tracks are spread across Joseph's first two albums, but three songs had been considered part of his prolific catalogue of "lost songs"... until now! Both "Cinderella Under Glass" and "Pictures Of A Life" will be included on 'Morning Star', an album of previously unreleased material that will accompany the Redemption's Son 15th Anniversary Edition. This reissue is out on 23 June 2017 via Real World Records.

"Pictures Of A Life" was premiered on WXPN and you can listen at this link.

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Thursday, June 15, 2017


Each month a great version of a live song for new fans or older ones. Just to remember or to discover all the treasures of Joseph's songography.

This month Devil's Broom (Edinburgh 2006)


Work on Canvas : 60w x 40h

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