Monday, April 10, 2017


Willie Nelson by Clinch & Arthur

Towards the end of March 2007 Joseph Arthur and photographer Danny Clinch kicked off an intriguing artistic project. Danny sent over some large-scale prints of his world famous photographs of musicians to Joseph who would then embellish them by painting on them. Their first collaborative work was an amazing 2005 portrait of Willie Nelson. The "after" result is above and for comparison the "before" version of the photo can be viewed here.

Joseph wrote about working on the photo, including this extract giving his own interpretation of the final work (you can read the full poem "Willie - 033007" from Joseph's 'Notes from the Road'):

As indian
Head of fire
Spirit of birds
Man of vision

In April another batch of Danny's photo prints were delivered to Joseph, as described in an interview with Newsday:

'The FedEx guy brings an unexpected surprise from famed rock photographer Danny Clinch, with whom Arthur is collaborating on some new paintings. Arthur rips open the packaging and pulls out 3-foot square, striking photos of Björk, Tom Waits and Johnny Cash that Clinch took and that Arthur will paint over. Arthur recently completed one of Willie Nelson that may be displayed at the gallery opening [MOMAR]. "These are awesome," he says, holding the Björk one up for further inspection. "I can't wait to work on these." He puts it down, knowing he will have to wait a bit to start yet another project.'

The collaboration was mentioned several years later when Joseph interviewed Danny Clinch for his 'Nothing To Talk About' podcast, Episode 8 issued May 2014. Later that same year Danny posted the Willie Nelson piece on Instagram for July 4th.

It would be great to see more artworks from 'Clinch & Arthur' or maybe even an exhibition in the future. In the mean time Willie Nelson is to release a new album on April 28th 2017, the day before his birthday, so there's plenty to celebrate!

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Sunday, April 9, 2017


Each month a great version of a live song for new fans or older ones. Just to remember or to discover all the treasures of Joseph's songography.

This month Take me Home (Lille 2009)


Work on paper : 22.5" x 29"

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